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Recent working papers

Some Recent and Forthcoming Publications

Search, Screening and Sorting (2024) with Xiaoming Cai and Ronald Wolthoff (new version), conditionally accepted, AEJ: Macroeconomics

On the Foundations of Competitive Search Equilibrium with and without Market Makers (2023) with Jim Albrecht, Xiaoming Cai and Susan Vroman, Journal of Economic Theory, 208. 

The performance of school assignment mechanisms in practice (2022) with Monique de Haan, Hessel Oosterbeek and Bas van der Klaauw ,  Journal of Political Economy, 131-2, 388-455.

Meetings and Mechanisms (2022) with Xiaoming Cai and Ronald Wolthoff  International Economic Review , 64-1, 155-185. Web Appendix 

Marketmaking Middlemen (2023) with Bo Hu and Makoto Watanabe RAND Journal of Economics, 54-1, 83-103.

Multiple Applications, Market Power and Competing Mechanisms (2020), Journal of Economic Theory 190. (With Jim Albrecht, Xiaoming Cai and Susan Vroman).

The estimation of present bias and time preferences using land-lease contracts (2020) Econometrics Journal 23-3. 363-385. with Aico van Vuuren.

Intra firm bargaining and Shapley values (2018) with Bjoern Brugemann and Guido Menzio, Review of Economic Studies,  

Estimating equilibrium effects of job search assistance(2017) with Paul Muller, Bas van der Klaauw, Michael Rosholm and Michael Svarer, Journal of Labor Economics 36-4, 1073-1125.

Simultaneous search and efficiency of entry and search intensity (2017) with Christian Holzner, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 9-3, 245-82.

Search Frictions, Competing Mechanisms and Optimal Market Segmentation (2017) with Xiaoming Cai and Ronald Wolthoff, Journal of Economic Theory 169, 453-73. Web Appendix

Directed search in the housing market (2016) with Jim Albrecht and Susan Vroman Review of Economic Dynamics, 19,218–231.

Employment protection, technology choice, and worker allocation (2016) with with Eric J. Bartelsman and Joris de Wind, International Economic Review, 57-3, 787-826. See also Vox article that is based on this research.

Estimation of Search Cost: Do non employed workers search hard enough? (2016) with Jose Luis Moraga-Gonzalez and Ronald Wolthoff. European Economic Review, 84, 123-139.

Sorting and the output loss due to search frictions (2015) with Coen Teulings, Journal of the European Economic Association, 13-6,1136–1166.

Efficient entry in competing auctions (2014) with Jim Albrecht and Susan Vroman, American Economic Review, 104,3288-96.

A Note on Peters and Severinov,"Competition Among Sellers Who Offer Auctions Instead of Prices" with Jim Albrecht and Susan Vroman, 2012 Journal of Economic Theory, 147, 389-392.

Selection in a field experiment with voluntary participation with Bas van der Klaauw, 2012, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 27, 63-84.

On-the-job search, mismatch and efficiency with Coen N. Teulings and Aico van Vuuren, 2010, Review of Economic Studies, 77-1, 245-272.


Fellowships: CEPR, CES-Ifo,CSE,  IZA, SAM (co founder) ,Tinbergen Institute

Research interests: macro, micro, labor, housing